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At BLACKWORK, we’re passionate about providing a space that inspires and empowers creative thinkers. Our workspace is designed to be a hub for artists, entrepreneurs, and other creatives to come together and collaborate on projects that push the boundaries of what’s possible. Our community is diverse and inclusive, and we’re dedicated to creating an environment that fosters innovation, creativity, and personal growth.

BLACKWORK was founded with the vision to create environments where people and companies come together and do their best work.

Since opening our firm location in Oakland, California, we’ve grown into a workplace provider committed to delivering flexible solutions, providing safety-focused spaces, and unmatched community experiences. BW workspace supports everyone, from freelancers to Fortune companies, in being more motivated, productive, and happy—because that’s how BLACKWORK works.

Creative Champion

We’re proud to provide workspace solutions that come with creative environments

Trusted by the best

Work your way, with fixed desks and hot desks in shared offices and co-working.

Supporting success

Our floor models offer fluid opportunities to work, create, or take a break.

“a space to meet, work, innovate, and expand, individually and with community!”

Why Join Blackwork?

We understand the importance of having access to professional amenities that enable you to work efficiently and effectively.

Office space

we offer a range of amenities designed to support your business needs including

  • Mail and Packaging Services
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Unique Common Areas


Work your way, with fixed desks and hot desks in shared offices and open plan co-working spaces.

Everything’s ready-to-go, customisable and taken care of for you, to help your business thrive.

  • Phone Booths
  • Professional and Social Events
  • Cleaning Services
  • Technology Amenities

Exceptional service. Global reach.

BLACKWORK offers a variety of workspace options that cater to the needs of creatives and visionaries. Our private studios offer a dedicated space for individuals or teams to work on projects without distractions, while our co-working spaces provide a collaborative environment for freelancers and entrepreneurs to connect and collaborate.  We also offer virtual memberships for those who need a professional address and access to our community without a physical workspace. 



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